Knifar: The Women Who Spoke Out

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Knifar: The Women Who Spoke Out

Knifar: The Women Who Spoke Out

Displaced, deprived, and disparaged, these are women who have seen the worst of their country. Their friends and loved ones became footnotes in the casualty list of Nigeria’s war with Boko Haram. Their homes became deserted as they sought refuge in strange places.

Their children fought distressing battles with hunger and malnourishment, often losing their lives in the process. Their husbands, accused arbitrarily and unfairly of being terrorists or terror sympathisers, were locked up without trial. Their bodies became negotiation tools for survival.


But these women spoke out. 


In 2017, thousands of them joined hands and formed the Knifar Movement to secure not only the release of their husbands but better lives for them and their children. Writing letters and petitions. Conducting interviews with the press and whoever will pay any attention. Serving as anchors of support for themselves. Raising money to treat the ill and help the needy.

Advocating for better welfare conditions for the displaced community. Sharing their wounds and grievances and demands. Inviting others to appreciate how the men’s absence affects their families. How each day is a struggle. How they yearn to return to a home that is safe and a life full of bright promises.


These women have spoken out. Will you listen?


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